Safety First

Please read the below.



We take the health of our babies very seriously so please take the time to read through our guidelines.

NHS UK guidelines state that you are able to take your baby swimming at any time, regardless of whether they’ve had their injections. The high quality of the water in our private pool makes the likelihood of transmitting infections very unlikely; plus, the diseases against which your baby is inoculated can’t be carried in chlorinated water anyway.

Although from experience I find it is perfectly safe to swim with grommets, please check with your own doctor or paediatrician before bringing your child swimming.

If your little one has been unwell and you are unsure whether to come to lessons, please check with your doctor or paediatrician.

Please, never bring your child swimming if they show signs of the following: ear infections, eye infections, chicken pox, a bad cold, vomiting/diarrhoea, Impetigo or Natal Sores (which are HIGHLY contagious). It would not be fair on your child or other families in the pool. Please ensure that any sickness/diarrhoea symptoms have completely cleared for at least 48 hours before your lesson.

Depending on the severity of eczema, for the majority, children are able to still swim comfortably. A prescribed barrier cream over the affected parts before entering water is advised. Please keep in mind that this barrier cream makes children very slippery in the pool so a little swim suite is advised over nappies to ensure you have a good grip on them in the water!

All babies and toddler (unless potty trained for 6 months) are required to use the double nappy system. The fact remains that babies poo, where ever and whenever they feel the need. By using the double nappy system (disposable with the reusable Splash Nappy over) will give you peace of mind whilst swimming with your baby and remains the most effective way of preventing accidents in the pool. If you notice a leaky nappy in the pool, please let the teacher know immediately for everyone’s safety and wellbeing.